He Sees Her

This is an old piece that I constructed July 6, 2009.

he sees her.

as her face smiles but her heart aloads the burden of life.

he watches her hope dim to silent tears.

and she begins to circle the checkered floor

as the moonlight gazes in from a near bay window.

and beneath her tears, he sees her heart alive

dancing to the rythyms of his heart beat.

he sees her

but she does not see him.

he hides behind his fear of her knowing.

each moment as she passes him by with every turn she makes

his heart poses a challenge to step out and take her hand.

to take her into his arms.

but the fear of rejection is too grave…

so, he sees her

as she ballets the infinity of the hall.

her heart grows heavier… so, she prances in more persuasion.

persuading herself she can be rid of all of her fears

by swaying alive through a hallway.

and he sees her

hiding behind all of her streams of tears

cascades an overflow of brokeness.

her eyes tell a story of pain

but he watches with a hope of resolving her heart.

and he sees her

as she twirls and turns, she falls onto the floor.

as she weeps ever so hard,

he runs, forgetting all of his fear…

to her rescue.

aiding her from the fall

he firms her in his arms.

he brushes back the hair from her face

wiping a tear from her cheek

she looks up in surrender

so vulnerable. she has been caught.

and into his eyes she sees

the man of her rescue.

but now, she sees him.

yet, all is well…

because he sees her.


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