What have you been planting?

Panic, blame, rush. We all cultivate these things in our lives and yet we expect more than perfect and become disappointed at the results. But have you ever stopped and wondered why you do what you do? Farmers don’t plant and cultivate apple seeds expecting the seed to yield carrots or potatoes. Farmers plant apple seeds to cultivate […]

To Love At All

I woke up this morning with wanting to hide from just about everyone. That doesn’t happen quite as often as it used to; but it happened today nonetheless. Sitting across from a friend during lunch, I was reminded that true intimacy in relationships are cultivated when you are seen, not hidden. I reminded myself that […]

When Oceans Recede

As of late… every one sings the song “Oceans.” I’ve read many blogs and posts with these lyrics in it. First the problem, then the lyrics providing somewhat of a solution or resolution for people’s hearts. And if you have been one of those people, by no means am I judging you. I just am […]

Permission to Live

A few months ago, I had an epiphany before I went to bed one evening, specifically about becoming a better person. Within these thoughts, I realized that becoming a better person is not simply just changing my behaviors and disciplines. At the beginning of every year, I make goals, lists, mantras, and plans, and for […]

To Death With You, Shame

Being excellent does not and will never mean being perfect. Many of us look at the discovery of who we really are and feel deeply ashamed, anxious and disappointed because we failed ourselves. Just the other day, I exclaimed to my boss that I was ashamed of myself for making a huge list of mistakes […]


If there’s one thing I could say about working in the creative field it’s don’t be alone. When you’re the only graphic designer among many accountants and customer service reps, don’t isolate yourself. It will be hard because you can get lost between the seemingly greater importance of numbers, dollar signs, and meetings. However, do […]