A piece constructed July 15, 2009. diary. first light. i am… i awaken to the work that awaits me in the daylight not far. i take a deep breath. my hands quiver at the loads they will bear in the nearest hours. my fingers will drench in the water of washing and rinsing. my soul […]

He Sees Her

This is an old piece that I constructed July 6, 2009. he sees her. as her face smiles but her heart aloads the burden of life. he watches her hope dim to silent tears. and she begins to circle the checkered floor as the moonlight gazes in from a near bay window. and beneath her […]

Trails & Traces

Constructed December 24, 2008 the trails and traces the tracks of tears streaming down my face i’ve been waiting all night long to finally share these. my fate. > if tears are trails then i’ve been on a long journey. they’re telling a story of stored grief in my heart – to a hidden melody. […]