He Sees Her

This is an old piece that I constructed July 6, 2009. he sees her. as her face smiles but her heart aloads the burden of life. he watches her hope dim to silent tears. and she begins to circle the checkered floor as the moonlight gazes in from a near bay window. and beneath her […]

Trails & Traces

Constructed December 24, 2008 the trails and traces the tracks of tears streaming down my face i’ve been waiting all night long to finally share these. my fate. > if tears are trails then i’ve been on a long journey. they’re telling a story of stored grief in my heart – to a hidden melody. […]


If there’s one thing I could say about working in the creative field it’s don’t be alone. When you’re the only graphic designer among many accountants and customer service reps, don’t isolate yourself. It will be hard because you can get lost between the seemingly greater importance of numbers, dollar signs, and meetings. However, do […]


“All typefaces weren’t born evil.” – Jason Santa Maria … there are just some that end up as… victims of crime. Some fonts are actually completely innocent. It’s the people who they work for. Poor typefaces. Above all my rants and raves about fonts, I’ve decided to compile together a list of a few typefaces that I… […]


I have a few words I’d like to allocate to whoever reads this. τιμή. לכבד. honor. Something so many people crave, but not many give. Some of us are very fortunate indeed to have both parents, let alone one parent, to raise us to become who we are today. I don’t know if I know you […]